Cant wait for seasons 2
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Hello and assalamualaikum ;).I guess it already few month i'm dont update my blog.Huk!Huk!(too many dust in my blog -.-)..Hahahaha,just kidding.Btw,back to entry title.I want to tell you about most of my friend like Korean drama than Japanese drama. A few week ago, I also one of them. I never try to like other drama or movie when my brain always told me to stand what I like. That why, I also thought that Korea is the best country in making drama or movie. One day,I found japan movie in youtube it called high school debut. Just in one day, I had finish watch the movie. I start to Google more about Japanese drama . That time I realize that Japanese drama more interesting that Korean drama . I think our country should look after Japanese drama too. Watching Korean drama sometime make me want to cry. But watching Japanese drama, I can’t stand from laugh. Laugh is better than cry, right?Btw,my second japanese drama it called love in tokyo.Just one week I take for finish this drama -.-.Seriously,Naoki Irie(hero) so sweet in this drama even though he little bit ego.Aihara Kotoko (heroin) very cute and funny too.Hehehhe,u should try to watch this drama n u never regret after u finish this drama.Oklah,until here for my entry.Adioss n assalamualaikum -.=

Ps:I search for japanese drama.Can u give me your suggestions??:D

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Hello i'm back!!...welcome to my wonderland..hope u like at here:)

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